Partnerships and Collaborations

ZIS student exchange to BIS

In 2009 BIS and ZIS have set up a student exchange program, which up to date has seen several hundreds of grade 9 and grade 11 students from different countries visiting BIS on an 8 days service trip every year. 

Besides the physical and academic support provided during the service weeks, the key benefits of these visits for both parties are learning from each other and respecting the different cultures.

These visits are life-changing for many of the BIS and ZIS students.

In preparation of the annual service trips several smaller or bigger events, organized by ZIS parents and students take place at the different campuses, like The Ghana Dinner or The Ghana Cup (football tournament). But also smaller fundraising events like book sale, birthday parties, to just name a few, and recently a basketball tournament, take place throughout the year with the aim to raise money which is used to pay part of the BIS teacher's salaries.

ZIS is a partner school donated over the years used classroom furniture for different grades, hundreds of text and storybooks, learning material as well as used laptops and computers.

We wish we could share amazing images of these visits on our website, but we are respecting the data and child protection laws and the safeguarding policy of ZIS Zurich International School.

Adanwomase Kente Village

Since many years, we are taking our visitors and students from abroad to this place to allow them an insight into a very important cultural tradition.