ZIS alumni revisit BIS

My name is Kirsty McLennaghan, I am an alumnus of Zurich International School (Graduating class of 2015). I had previously visited the school in Behenase with the organised ZIS trips, one in 2012 with Team Ghana and one in 2013 as my Classroom without Walls trip. Upon reflection, I always felt that I had gotten more out of these “service” trips than the students at Bosomtwe. I had such fond memories of both of my visits that I wanted to go and volunteer my time and skills. I was able to go to BIS for a month from February until March 2020 and experienced how far the school has grown and changed since 2012. This was inspiring for me to know something I had been involved with has come so far and continues to build through motivated and amazing individuals that support BIS. Since returning from BIS, I feel my outlook has changed, I became more aware of the important things such as education, respect and motivation. BIS will forever be an important school for me.

Kevin Braunschweig (Graduating class of 2010) also visited BIS at the beginning of February.