Ongoing Maintenance

The heavy rains of the past 3 months have caused damages on the wall of the teachers’ quarters due to missing drainage and gutters in the village. We are now hoping that we can find a solution with the road constructors and that new gutters can help solve the problem. As usual, we will need to pay part of the cost and hope they won’t be too high.

The maintenance team is continuously cleaning and taking care of the premises and the environment. We all want to be prepared and ready once the President gives the green light to re-open schools.   

Despite no income during the past 6 months and frequent power failure, we are still receiving very high electricity bills, not talking about all the damages the power fluctuations have caused to the electrical and IT equipment. We were using the school closure to find out from the Electricity company if we could exchange the post-paid to a pre-paid meter. After many discussions they finally agreed to the exchange of the meters but to do so we will need to upgrade the power supply from one phase to a three-phase meter. We want to do the upgrade as soon as possible despite a higher amount involved.