Impact of COVID 19 pandemic on students' lives

Aikins (grade 6)
I must be frank with. In fact this outbreak has really changed my entire life. As a student preparing on my next level in education, it has really become a headache to me. I am saying this just because the way and manner I was tunning to my class studies usually, had really changed entirely. Furthermore what I was getting from my parents whilst I was in schooling has also changed due to the problem my parents are also encountering. Because of the outbreak the work of my parents is not functioning well and also the usual relationship with my colleagues has changed. Due to this I am always indoors and not having the chance to visit my playmates. Anyway, in any misfortune there is a divine blessing for us. It has given me the opportunity to do research on the Bible and other books.
This is how far the outbreak has brought me to an awkward situation.

The online and offline learning challenges are as follows:
The online learning has given me more experience in doing further studies online. Anytime I turn my phone on to do any research on a question I also get the opportunity to do further studies online.
The offline learning is another opportunity to submit my questions to my teachers and that alone is a sign to them. Anyway I still have a lot of challenges because not every time I have the chance to ask from my teachers any question that is above my understanding.     

Babara (grade 7)
The Corona virus outbreak has brought difficulties and a different life to me.
Because of the outbreak challenges have come heavily into my learning and my private life, my friends and all my  teachers in my school. I am so unhappy since the outbreak.

The great experience of online distance learning could unfortunately not help me at all. The offline learning was better because our teachers could explain our learning better than online. Challenges on their missing experience and support at home make me confused. So I am appealing to school staff that they can also do something about school to reopen at the Ghana Education Service.

Shawkiya (grade 6)
The Corona virus has changed my life and I have to learn a lesson from it. People are suffering. And without school the earth is empty and I know that I have to take education serious. I am coping with it  because of the distance learning and some classes I have been doing and I add prayers to make God help me achieve my goals in life.

The distance learning is helping me a lot but some questions I really don't understand well. So I place them aside and take my time to solve them one after the other.

Thank you very much. It is good that you think about us, as we also think about you. All the children in the school we say a very big thank you to all the teachers and owners of the school. God will bless you every single day for spending time on us. We also love you all.

Enison (grade 5)
Covid 19 is a deadly virus. It started from China and later spread to Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America.
The virus has brought some challenges, which are:
a) Children can't go to school
b) Children can't go to church
c) Children can't go to parties
d) Last of all, home is boring!!!!!

Blessing (grade 6)

The virus caused schools to shut down and companies too. This affected the world negatively. On the other hand it was an opportunity to spend some quality time with my family.
The pandemic has halted my education. As a student not being able to study at BIS has been a challenge, because at BIS learning was fun and teachers were very supportive. But the introduction of the distance learning has helped me keep my brain busy with books.
Lastly another challenge the pandemic has brought to me is that my mother and father have lost their work. This makes it difficult for my family. We are struggling to survive.