Already weeks before Ghana reported the virus outbreak, we started training our students and staff on special preventive measures. The first session came as a surprise for them and many of them did not understand why we should do that in Ghana although nobody was reported ill. We further sent out written information to the parents, seeking their support at home. The reaction was positive throughout, with only a few exceptions, where parents were convinced the virus would not spread in Ghana. Every morning after breakfast we gathered them outside and continued with the training. They came up with a lot of questions and also proposals, thus making the training interesting and more useful for everybody. 
After one week already we could see the success of our measures, but the training still went on.
Raising awareness was the key goal of this training.

Our Alumni took our written directives and information to their Senior High Schools to share with their classmates and teachers. 

When the first cases were reported in Ghana, everybody at BIS understood why we had started this training so early.         

Unfortunately, the President on the 15th of March informed the public that with immediate effect all schools have to be shut down and on the 16th  of March a written directive was sent to all private schools as well.

We wish we could have continued teaching our students, as we are doing in Europe. But due to lacking infrastructure, we have to leave them with their families and hope that our preventive training will help them through the crisis.

We are looking forward to seeing all of them returning back to school in the coming weeks or months. 

Prevention training

Handwashing demonstration

Practising handwashing

Preventative measures for coronavirus posters

Press release from the Ghanaian Government