Coronavirus - Week 3 of the school closure.

In addition to the shut down 2 weeks ago, BIS and the Bosomtwe District are since 30 March part of a lockdown in the Ashanti Region.

It feels like the world stands still, we are forced to slow down and our lives are experiencing big changes. Worries are growing and nobody knows how our world and our life will look after the crisis.

Existential fights have started and many small businesses and also private schools will be at risk of survival since no financial support can be expected in most of the African countries. 

We are sad we cannot meet our students during this challenging time but we have contacted many of them via their parents to find out if they are doing well. 

Due to lacking infrastructure we cannot teach them online, but our Science Teacher has asked them to write a kind of personal corona diary, take pictures or draw certain situations, so that our teachers after school resumes, can work with them on their fears, worries, issues and situations they went through, but maybe did not understand. 

We would like to improve the awareness of our students in after school and weekend projects and let them understand the processes very well. The connection with the destruction of nature with the development of new viruses.


This virus will have a huge impact on our future lives, both positive and negative, and we would like to give the necessary mental and academic support to our students, hence helping them to be prepared for future crises.            


Any idea, any support for BIS and our wonderful kids is very welcome.