Corona what next?

6 months have passed since all schools were closed down by the directive of the President.

We have gained a good (but not yet sufficient) knowledge about COVID 19, we had to undergo a drastic life change, we are emotionally struggling and the positive change we were hoping for cannot be recognized yet. Uncertainty is the name of our daily companion.

BIS and its teachers have been supporting their students in the past months with online and offline distance learning, which was a big challenge for all participants. Hence we were all hoping that the new school year could start in September, but unfortunately the President’s address of 30 August 2020 has dashed our hopes. Only grade 8 students are allowed to return to school on 5 October 2020, which is another challenge for many private schools.  The team has a seating plan and a list of hygiene and preventive measures ready to secure a safe environment of everybody returning to BIS.

We will continue our distance learning, no matter the number of participants. It will not be sufficient to provide the knowledge of the past 2 terms but it is definitely better than doing nothing