General Information 

The Ibrahim Oubda Education Foundation was formed and was set up in 2014 to manage education projects in rural regions, which includes the facilitation of buildings and educational materials. 

The idea of founding a roof organization became reality 7 years after Ibrahim Oubda took over a small bush school, which he named BCS Bosomtwe Community School. Later on, the school name was changed to BIS Bosomtwe International School to reflect the extended syllabus and international relationships. He runs the school more or less successfully as a small charity project with the support of Ghanaian teachers and colleagues and his employer in Switzerland from 2007 to 2014. Ibrahim, working as a Sports Teacher in a big international school in Switzerland, visited BIS several times a year during his school holidays, always taking learning material and small donations with him.

Within the years his students and their parents in Switzerland, business partners and friends wanted to know more about BIS and started supporting by donating money for the construction of school buildings. 

This was the time where the forming of a foundation became necessary. This is where we are now... with a six years’ foundation experience, facing a lot of challenges but also experiencing wonderful situations, leading discussions to explain and justify, seek the understanding of donors and correct misunderstandings. We did not plan or intend to choose this way, but we are happy and grateful that we met so many people trusting in what we are doing, for the sake of children. We love our work and we hope and wish that the number of donors will increase steadily so that Ibrahim’s vision will come true.

Please have a look at our projects and the volunteer program and feel free to contact Ibrahim or Elfi by email or phone if you would like to get in touch with us.

A big thank you to all those who supported us in the past and to those who intend to support us in the future.

Board of Directors